Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending in Today's Competitive Market

Thursday, August 05, 2021 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

This session begins with a brief overview of C&I loan products including working capital lines of credit, ABL facilities, and equipment financing (loans/leases) and their typical structure. Also covered, underwriting C&I loans including accounts receivable assessment and the use of a “Borrowing Base Certificate” (basic and advanced models), the valuation and quality of inventory, and the analysis of various equipment-related issues in lending. 

This seminar will go over the proper evaluation of the borrower’s financial statements, documentation of C&I loans, collateral concerns, challenges with pricing, and managing the C&I loan portfolio. The day concludes with a review of how to identify and market to new C&I loan prospects in today’s competitive market. 


•    Review C&I lending
•    Discuss C&I loan products and their typical structure
•    Explore underwriting C&I loans including accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment financing
•    Analyze the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC)
•    Evaluate the borrower’s financial statements
•    Review the documentation, collateral, pricing, and managing of C&I loans
•    Develop the marketing of C&I loans in today’s economy

Commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan documentation specialists, branch managers, private bankers, and business development officers 

David L. Osburn is the founder of Osburn & Associates, LLC, a Business Training and Contract CFO Firm that provides seminars, webinars, and keynote speeches for CPAs, bankers, attorneys, credit managers, and business owners on topics such as Banking/Finance/Credit, Negotiation Skills, Marketing, and Management Issues. His extensive professional background of over 30 years includes 18 years as a Business Trainer/Contract CFO and 16 years as a bank commercial lender including the position of Vice President/Senior Banking Officer.

Fee Per Person
Member  $249
Nonmember  $419