Safe Deposit Operations: 2020 Guidelines and Update

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

If just ONE customer claims the bank took contents out of his/her safe deposit box, what is the bank’s liability? UNLIMITED!

Today’s banking environment requires solid internal controls, policies, procedures and training to minimize risks. With risk management a high priority in banking today, safe deposit operation guidelines are critical for both liability concerns as well as safety and soundness compliance.

Awareness, knowledge, tools and cautions are continuous and never ending for safe deposit box operations. This is a comprehensive, relevant, fast-paced program designed as a safe deposit operations learning tool and a refresher. Participants will acquire timely tools, job aids and a reference notebook.


  • State of Illinois legalities of safe deposit boxes
  • Compliance responsibilities of safe deposit operations – rental agreements and the rights and duties as a lessor, renting and accessing a safe deposit box, key controls, records and file management, and more
  • Basic operating procedures and guidelines for safe deposit operations – surrender procedures, delinquent billing, decedent boxes, abandoned property, responding the legal claims for contents, auditing procedures and disaster recovery
  • Impact of the Patriot Act, BSA and SARs reporting requirements on safe deposit operations
  • Sample training tools for educating employees on safe deposit operations
  • Recurring safe deposit box questions and recommended responses
  • Safe deposit court cases and “lessons learned”

Customer service representatives, new accounts representatives, branch managers, assistant branch managers, operations, compliance officers, tellers, trainers and those persons required to service any aspect of safe deposit operations

Dianne Barton is president of Performance Solutions, Inc. (PSI), a training and consulting company that specializes in providing solutions to the key challenges facing banks in attracting and building relationships with customers. PSI's training programs are designed to “close the gap” between the banks’ needs and employees' skills. Her trademark “real world” scenarios give participants insight into the practical application of new skills and knowledge.

Fee Per Person (includes recording)
IBA Member $249
Nonmember $419